My work arises intuitively, while I am busy making. I make both flat and spatial work: collages and paintings and Dolls. Colour and material, tactility, are a common thread and a major source of inspiration. In my work I investigate the intuitive, the spiritual, the symbolic or (to the naked eye) invisible side of life, or at least as I experience it.


I am often asked what my work means. I can hardly answer that, but what the work means for / does with the viewer I find more interesting. I think it is great if people get something out of it that I have not seen or experienced before.



Collages and paintings


From the age of 17 I have put together a collection of stamps with all kinds of very old characters, symbols, icons, gods, hieroglyphs and building elements from various cultures, in which ancient Egypt plays a major role. A visual language has emerged during this time that I am still drawing on. In addition, Sacred Geometry is a great source of inspiration and I am interested in ancient religious art, such as icons and altarpieces from the Middle Ages and late Gothic.


Layering in both material and meaning is an important aspect of my collages.





I started making these dolls at a difficult time in my life. The therapeutic repetition of embroidering beads on a knitted doll kept me relatively sane.


At the same time, this doll making became a medium in which I started to feel completely at home. The creative process is so intensive and requires so much time that it works as a kind of meditation. The material and colours that I use are leading in the process.


After years of wandering, I decided in 2019 to only work as a visual artist.